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Breast Enlargement: Risks

A breast augmentation is a drastic operation: the breast is enlarged by inserting silicone or water-filled implants. The recovery takes a few weeks, but many women are very satisfied with the result. However, breast implants can also have disadvantages. Breast Actives Can Gain Full Cup Sizes They can start to tear or leak and the implants sweat with almost all women. What are the risks of breast prostheses?
Why a breast Augmentation?
Many women want breast enlargement because they are not satisfied with their breasts. Breasts give the typical feminine shape. When this is lacking, a woman can feel affected in her dignity. Some women do not keep beautiful breasts after breastfeeding. And again, other women have lost so much or are exercising so much that little chest remains. Breasts consist of adipose tissue, and those who lose a lot of fat also lose part of their breasts. A breast augmentation is something other than a breast reconstruction, which is often used in breast cancer after …
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Breast-Enlargement Surgery

Many women undergo breast-enlargement surgery every year. Most women choose breast augmentation to increase underdeveloped breasts extra volume or after pregnancy or scrap the old properties to get back on the breast so that the body's ratio.
By means of a breast enlargement, your breasts gain extra volume, they become firmer and fit better with your body. Our plastic surgeons are happy to assist you in a personal consultation where they answer all your questions and, together with you, see which breast augmentation suits you best.

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